Our Vision

Our vision is based on three main pillars which we believe are equally important to deliver continuous success for our clients, broader society and the planet. We are proudly co-creating the future for generations to come in collaboration with our clients and partners. We believe the world is changing in many ways, including technology, climate, demographics and geopolitics. This creates a lot of opportunities and risks at the same time. Our organisation of the future utilises the winning formula of partnership, strong values and advanced technology to rebuild the modern business landscape using the triple bottom line concept.

Triple Bottom Line

People, planet, and profit - those elements should not be considered separately anymore. Moreover, there is no need to choose and balance between them as long as your company can establish a solid strategy to address them simultaneously.


Future challenges and new opportunities require new ways of working. The GSC vision is thinking and doing big as the only way we can make a significant impact on a global scale in creating a better future for our next generations. Effective and forward thinking partnership models are replacing heavy and outdated organisational hierarchies to grow faster in new directions with significant economies of scale.

Advanced Technology

The rise of technology has created new forms of collaboration and interaction that massively changed the world recently such as Big Data, AI and Robotic Process Automation. We use technology everywhere from our own internal GSC needs to the most complex solutions that we build for our clients accelerating their path to improved triple bottom line success.

Our Services

A solid strategy to improve your company's triple bottom line requires a holistic approach and expertise in many different fields. When implemented properly, the long term benefits truly justify the efforts - significantly improved brand image, employee engagement and even new innovative product lines to generate fresh revenue streams just to mention a few. We can help you not only to build such a strategy, but then bring together a number of boutique consulting firms providing their niche expertise in specific domains to help implement and support you on the journey. The whole programme will be coordinated using The GSC Collaboration Framework to deliver seamless experience of one team and give you clear communication on what is going on every step of the way.


Many companies drive a lot of sustainability initiatives, whilst lacking a solid strategy to improve triple bottom line. We use the open-source Long Term Value Framework developed by Ernst & Young to drive performance, guide resources and investments into the areas that are most important with compelling narrative for internal and external stakeholders. As a result, our clients enjoy increased success with innovation, valuation growth, risk and resilience, reputation and brand, cost savings and employee motivation boosting productivity and staff retention.


In the last decade technology has significantly transformed the way businesses deliver value to their customers. We consider technology as an integral part of triple bottom line strategy, especially when it comes to innovative products, services and business models to generate new or grow existing revenue streams. Also, more often than not using technology can generate a significant cost savings and drive performance providing better tools for communication, monitoring and automation of business processes.


People, values and culture are a crucial part of triple bottom line success. Younger generations are more likely to work for companies that have a great values, caring about their people, customers, broader communities and environment. In the world of increased competition for top talent, we help companies to reinvent their people strategies to maintain a competitive advantage while serving their purpose and customers effectively. We create tailored talent solutions covering hiring, rewarding, measuring, training, development and coaching - all as an integral part of sustainability strategy

Green Marketing

Businesses invest a lot of time and money in sustainability efforts. Some do this because it is the “right thing to do” while others do it to increase profits or to ‘tick a box’. Regardless of their particular motivations, businesses often want to be recognized for their sustainability efforts. Green marketing is the process of communicating these efforts; it plays a pivotal role in helping businesses achieve public recognition. However, if they are not designed properly, a company’s sustainability efforts and green marketing campaigns might be tainted by greenwashing allegations. Using the GSC Long Term Value Framework we will help you build the right narrative for a successful green marketing strategy.


We provide a wide range of services when it comes to the planet, climate change and environment. Starting from sustainability assessment through sustainable supply chain management to sustainability reports. We can measure the current impact of your business on the environment such as carbon footprint, waste auditing, water footprint, product life-cycle assessment, retailer-supplier scorecard and improve on those metrics as part of the triple bottom line strategy. Also, we can help you preparing various reports, including reports for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).


Usually powerful triple bottom line strategy requires a high degree of innovation. Further, products, services and new business models can provide additional revenue streams through meeting environmental or social needs. Leadership in the market can future proof the business and build competitive advantage. However, according to statistics, the majority of complex innovation programmes are failing or not achieving the original goals in full. The Long Term Value Framework provides a sophisticated approach to innovation by establishing goals, discipline, culture, and KPIs to significantly improve the likelihood and scale of success.

Partners Network

We are building the biggest consultancy in the world by bringing together a range of top talent that will be powered by technology whilst harnessing our collective knowledge, experience and intellectual property to deliver consistently repeatable success for our clients. The evolution of the GSC brand in the global consultancy market, together with our investment in marketing and client acquisition will guarantee success for our network partners and deliver a fair distribution of Triple Bottom Line success at all levels in the relationship chain.

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Shared Technology

Investing in sophisticated technology products can be seen as a challenge for smaller consulting firms. However, with shared funding of software solutions, our partners can benefit from streamlined, automated processes, better-informed decision-making process and delivering more transparency and control over engagements to their clients.

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Shared Values

We are disrupting the consultancy marketplace to make it much more transparent, collaborative and innovative. GSC was created with a vision to bring more value to everyone involved in the consulting relationship chain. We highly appreciate the diversity of our partners’ experience, to respect their success as independent businesses whilst we strongly believe that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. We are committed to improving every day and continuously looking to find better and more innovative ways to collaborate and deliver excellent TBL outcomes for our clients.

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Shared Intelligence

No one can doubt these days that knowledge, information and insights are essential for any business to be successful. Within our partner network, we have plenty of data aggregated every day, but it is critical to derive useful and reliable information, analyse it and structure it in a way that will let every partner benefit from it. All our partners have unique knowledge that they bring to make us much more powerful as a collective.

Training Programmes

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the service quality that our partners bring to our clients, long term prosperity and financial stability of our partners. For that reason, we provide training and service design workshops to upskill our partners, instil the right working methods and equip them with the right tools.

Half-year coaching programme

This programme is designed specifically for our new partners. It begins with a 2-day TBL growth retreat followed by a tailored 1:1 coaching schedule. The programme covers topics such as smart business strategy, talent development, client acquisition and service excellence, along with many other topics that would help our newly on-boarded partners to build a more sustainable and fast-growing business for themselves and their client portfolio.

Service Blueprint Workshop

During our 2-day workshop, delegates will learn the Service Blueprint methodology and analyze in detail the service they provide to their customers. They will gain tactical and strategic improvements and develop a roadmap for increased success with clear KPIs to monitor progress on the future journey.

The Long Term Value Framework

This 3-day training course will help our consulting partners to understand in-depth the concept of the triple bottom line and how this can be practically applied to existing businesses using The Long-Term Value Framework. The Long Term Value Framework provides the methodology and the tools to identify and create new metrics to measure, demonstrate and increase long-term value to all stakeholders.


Our team has a diverse set of skills and expertise track record. We are united by the same values and our mission to create the biggest consultancy in the world that is renowned for triple bottom line success.

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Daryl Woodhouse CEO

Daryl is an experienced entrepreneur, keynote speaker and 26-time award-winning business adviser. To the Global Star family, he brings ambition and a passion for helping others through his core skills in strategy, leadership, talent development, productivity and mental fitness.

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Nikolay Sudarikov CTO

Nikolay is an experienced technology leader, coach and service design practitioner successfully implementing technology vision over the last 15 years for start-ups, scale-ups and larger enterprises. He is enabling the entire Global Star ecosystem using the latest technology available.

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Grace Anajemba Head of Sales

Grace is an ambitious entrepreneur with a background in technology and consulting services sales. She is an expert in building, leading and management of sales teams and brings her skills to grow Global Star at an unparalleled pace.

For Clients

Please get in touch to further explore our innovative approach to consulting which will lead to better time-to-value, increased transparency and control over the engagement and only brilliant people handpicked all around the world to work on your most important business challenges:

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For Partners

An inevitable part of our global vision is the natural extension of our partner network. If you truly believe that collaboration and innovation is the way to go ahead while preserving your autonomy as a business, please get in touch. Let's co-create the future:

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For Investors

We are not actively looking for investments as our vision is to grow naturally with the funding from our partners, primarily to build the technology solutions to support our ecosystem needs. However, we might consider some impact investing if that would accelerate our global vision for change. Please get in touch and we will schedule a meeting to discuss:

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